Visions and Missions

Company Missions

  1. To have a better management system
  2. To increase customer's satisfaction
  3. To increase profitability
  4. To increase creativity and be responsive to changes
  5. To increase the use of human resources


Company cultures will be built base on:

  1. Kinship. To foster trust among each other as in their own family
  2. Sense of Belonging. To feel proud and care about the company
  3. Professionalism. To be able to work according to good management system

There are three pillars of Courage :

  1. Courage in making sacrifices .To take precedence of greater good
  2. Courage in facing changes. Creative, responsive, skillful, and willing to learn
  3. Courage in admitting mistakes. Brave enough to take responsibility
There are three pillars of Fear
  1. Afraid to commit a sin. Obedient to their own religion’s teachings
  2. Afraid to break the rules. Discipline in working
  3. Afraid to disappoint other people. Always try to give the best