Company Profile


PT Bangunperkasa Adhitamasentra is a pioneer company that manufactures cement board products under the brand GRC board which was established in December 1992 located in Citereup with an area of ??10 ha, and established a second factory with an area of ??28 ha in Karawang with a workforce of up to 2000 people. The technology used is from Japan, product quality is equivalent to international quality standards.

GRC board products

GRC board is a new breakthrough for construction materials with a variety of application functions such as outer walls, patisi, ceilings etc. Our products have been proven as the best and economical material for horizontal and vertical building construction. GRC board is made of cement and some supporting materials that are safe for health because of 100% nonasbestos.

Variant of GRC board

As the community's growing need for GRC products, we develop our products into several variants

  1. GRC board : Special cement board for interior room, both ceiling, partition and backing spandrel
  2. Superpanel: Has a higher density, suitable for exteriors, such as cladding / facades, mezzanine floors, steps and cover columns
  3. Super Plank: Lisplank GRC is a wood substitute alternative, which is stronger against weather, mold and termites. There is a bevel / profile on its side. Aside from being used as a ceiling / skirting, it can also be used as a floor tile and architraft
  4. Simple Plank: The economical GRC Lisplank, there is no profile on its side.
  5. Timber Plank: Lisplank GRC Wood motif, easy to paint or to paint
  6. Deco Plank: Lisplank GRC Traditional motif
  7. Deco Panel: Decorative panels for those of you who like modern or traditional themed rooms, can be used for walls / partitions, railings, cladding, and ceilings
  8. Deco Stone: Cement boards with natural stone motifs


The target GRC board is consumer users who place quality as a top priority. Besides that, the prices are quite competitive with some substitute products. GRC boards have been proven to be lighter and more economical than bricks for external walls as well as inner wall partitions due to the speed and ease of application, and are a versatile product replacement for plywood. As another advantage, the GRC board offers advantages such as good structural strength, termite & mildew resistance, does not spread fire and does not burn, is resistant to enough weather for the use of external / external applications. With environmental damage causing plywood / plywood prices to change high and a ban on the use of asbestos fibrous boards in developing countries such as Australia, Japan and France, the demand for GRC boards is expected to grow both locally and in the export market.

Market & Project

Our export markets include several countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and China. Our export market reaches 10% of our production capacity. The remaining 90% is sold in the local market which is applied to apartment projects, shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals such as West wood Apartment, Pavilion Park Apartment, Ritz Charlton Apartment, Cempaka Mas Super Mall, Matahari Department Store, Summaecon Mall Serpong, Mulia Hotel, Mandara Sheraton Hotel, Bank Mega, Department of Cooperatives, Budi Asih Hospital, Tarakan Regional Hospital etc. For the local market, our main distributor, PT Ciptapapan Dinamika, has the majority of our product distribution turnover in the big city of Jakarta. However we continue to develop marketing in some parts of Indonesia such as Sumatra, parts of Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, which are run with the support of branch distributors. Owner Testimonies Always strives to give the best.

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