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Building support materials

Building support materials

As we know that in a building consists of various kinds of materials that support each other so that the building can stand as planned. The large selection of available materials is one of the determinants of the durability and strength of a building. The most appropriate choice if we want durable building results is to choose materials that are also of high quality.

GRC board cement board offers solutions with quality and durable products, such as for ceiling and partition applications, there is a choice of GRC boards with varying thicknesses of 4 - 10 mm, for floors and walls the choice is GRC Superpanel or GRC Superfloor with a thickness of 15-20 mm or for listplank you can choose GRC Simpleplank and GRC Superplank with a thickness of 8-9 mm, all of which can be selected according to your needs with guaranteed quality. Meanwhile, to add to the beauty value of a building, GRC board provides decoration series such as GRC Decoplank and GRC Deco panels with designs and thicknesses that can be ordered according to function and needs.

All GRC board products have been certified as 100% free asbestos so they are safe for health and the production process is green label certified so that it is environmentally friendly.

So which one is your choice? …Don't get the wrong choice

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GRC board and cement board

GRC board and cement board,

There are still many who do not really understand what is the difference between GRC board and cement board. Many people still refer to the cement board as GRC board, even though GRC board is a brand of cement board product that has been patented by PT Bangunperkasa Adhitamasentra as the producer. So board products made of cement and other mixed materials are called cement boards and GRC board is a brand of cement board.

Cement board is an alternative product to replace plywood and gypsum because it has advantages that gypsum and plywood do not have, including that it can be applied outdoors due to its weather-resistant, high humidity and durable properties.

With various thicknesses, GRC board cement board can be applied to various needs such as walls, floors and even as decorations to beautify buildings.

GRC board is 100% asbestos free and has met the SNI 8299 standard as a non-asbestos flat cement board which has also received a green label certificate so it is safe for health.

So that consumers don't choose the wrong cement board, choose the original GRC board cement board which has the GRC board logo and SNI 8299 printed on the product.

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Tips for maintaining house when rainy season comes

  • Roof

    Like an umbrella that provides shade to its users, roof also has a functions to protect the residents. So, a good roof condition that does't leak is important.

    So, check the roof carefully. Is there anything shifted or leaked. Also check the ceiling in all rooms to make sure there are no brown stains, a sign of water seepage due to leaking roofs.

  • Gutter

    After checking roof, try to turn to the guttering. Make sure that no trash or moss has accumulated in the pipes, so rainwater can flow smoothly.

    Also, try to check the end of the gutter pipe to make sure there is no clogged trash. If there is trash, clean it up immediately.

  • Make sure the lower area is safe

    If you have a lower area in your home, such as a basement, check every corner immediately to make sure there are no leaks and no water seepage.

    If the residential surface is lower than the road, check for drains around the house environment. Anticipate this by cleaning the sewers from garbage, so rainwater does not flood the area in the house.

  • Clean drains

    To anticipate flooding that may occur, it is better if you clean the gutters in front of the house from now on. Check any drains around the house to make sure there is no more plastic trash or dry leaves accumulating.

  • Use building materials that are resistant to weather.

    GRC board with products that are weather resistant, fire resistant and termite resistant is very suitable for applications in areas of Indonesia that have high rainfall.

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A Healthy Home Free From Corona

A Healthy Home Free From Corona
In the midst of a corona pandemic, you need to take preventative measures at any time, and especially at home. Therefore, start doing a thorough cleaning at home so that you and your family are always healthy. Referring to the Ministry of Health Co-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines released in March 2020, the following prevention mitigation can also be done so that the house remains healthy.

  • Clean surfaces that are often touched
    You are advised to clean surfaces in the house that are often touched. For example, tables, beds, and various other furniture. You can clean the area in the house that is often touched by using household disinfectants that contain a dilute bleach solution. That is, the aqueous bleach solution has a composition of more water than the bleach liquid itself. For surfaces that are damaged if sprayed with a disinfecting bleach solution, you can use a disinfectant with a 70 percent ethanol content.
  • Clean the bathroom and toilet
    Another part that you need to clean inside the house is the bathroom. Because, the bathroom is very vulnerable to the spread of the virus. How to clean it is the same, simply spraying a disinfectant that contains a dilute bleach solution or 70 percent ethanol. Also read: 5 Ways to Clean the Toilet To Avoid Corona Virus
  • Clean clothes Next
    You are required to clean all objects that are commonly used, such as clothes, pants, towels, and sheets. The trick, simply wash it by hand or use a washing machine at a temperature of 60-90 degrees Celsius with ordinary detergent or dry.
  • Dispose of trash properly
    To avoid the Corona virus, you are required to take out more trash at home. Make sure, the garbage is disposed of at a standard landfill (TPA) and not in an open area.
  • Wash your hands
    When cleaning at home, you are required to wear gloves so that viruses, germs, or bacteria at home do not easily stick. After doing the cleaning, you are required to wash your hands thoroughly so as not to spread the virus at home.

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