Posted on 9/6/2021 12:00:00 AM


Build your own house has become the dream of many people. However, the capacity of each person in building his dream house is different. For example, building a house also requires calculations in terms of funds and the ability of our budget. Not infrequently the houses that were built are sometimes still of sufficient size (the important thing, can be lived with the family).

But don't worry, even though the room in the house feels small. There are still many ways that we can try to do so that the room in our house looks more spacious. Here, we will share some of the tips:

  1. Light and wall paint colors will reflect light throughout the room, so the room looks wider. The chosen color does not have to be white, but it can also be pastel colors.
  2. You must get furniture that's proportional to the space, and keep using some furniture that stands out for a neat look.
  3. Mirror works instantly to make the room look more spacious without much effort. Mirror not only reflect the interior of the room, creating the illusion of a wider space but also reflect light around the room.
  4. Wall-mounted furniture wastes space in the center and emphasizes the narrow size of the room. If possible, creating space behind the furniture offers visual flow and makes your room appear larger than it is.
  5. Decorations such as chandeliers or dramatic lights can make a big impact in a small space. In addition, adding a decorative lamp does not need to spend deeply.

Getting tips for making a small room in the house look wider already means that you just have to choose quality material products such as superior fiber cement board from GRC board to be an option as a substitute for building materials in your home. Not only as basic material, but GRC board products also provide a series of decorations including GRC Deco Panel or GRC Mahony Deck, all of which can be used as interior options to beautify the room in the house.