Building support materials

Posted on 11/2/2020 12:00:00 AM

Building support materials

As we know that in a building consists of various kinds of materials that support each other so that the building can stand as planned. The large selection of available materials is one of the determinants of the durability and strength of a building. The most appropriate choice if we want durable building results is to choose materials that are also of high quality.

GRC board cement board offers solutions with quality and durable products, such as for ceiling and partition applications, there is a choice of GRC boards with varying thicknesses of 4 - 10 mm, for floors and walls the choice is GRC Superpanel or GRC Superfloor with a thickness of 15-20 mm or for listplank you can choose GRC Simpleplank and GRC Superplank with a thickness of 8-9 mm, all of which can be selected according to your needs with guaranteed quality. Meanwhile, to add to the beauty value of a building, GRC board provides decoration series such as GRC Decoplank and GRC Deco panels with designs and thicknesses that can be ordered according to function and needs.

All GRC board products have been certified as 100% free asbestos so they are safe for health and the production process is green label certified so that it is environmentally friendly.

So which one is your choice? …Don't get the wrong choice