GRC board and cement board

Posted on 9/15/2020 12:00:00 AM

GRC board and cement board,

There are still many who do not really understand what is the difference between GRC board and cement board. Many people still refer to the cement board as GRC board, even though GRC board is a brand of cement board product that has been patented by PT Bangunperkasa Adhitamasentra as the producer. So board products made of cement and other mixed materials are called cement boards and GRC board is a brand of cement board.

Cement board is an alternative product to replace plywood and gypsum because it has advantages that gypsum and plywood do not have, including that it can be applied outdoors due to its weather-resistant, high humidity and durable properties.

With various thicknesses, GRC board cement board can be applied to various needs such as walls, floors and even as decorations to beautify buildings.

GRC board is 100% asbestos free and has met the SNI 8299 standard as a non-asbestos flat cement board which has also received a green label certificate so it is safe for health.

So that consumers don't choose the wrong cement board, choose the original GRC board cement board which has the GRC board logo and SNI 8299 printed on the product.