GRC board Design Competition 2021

Posted on 3/23/2021 12:00:00 AM

GRC board Design Competition 2021

In the first semester of 2021, the GRC board will hold 2 building design competition activities that are open to both professional and novice general architects (students) who have certainly met the requirements.

First, the 2021 NAUNG Competition was organized by HIMPSArs UNPAR and the Indonesian Architects Association of West Java province. GRC board as the sole sponsor fully supports this activity which is in line with the development of GRC board products and issues regarding housing in the village-city area.

Highlighting the current pandemic conditions, the designs raised in the competition are habitable, healthy, modular, and sustainable homes. The goal is that in a pandemic situation, people are still productive and comfortable doing activities at home. For that, we need a home design that is comfortable, healthy, and sustainable. The house is prepared so that it can be developed in the future.

Second, the GRC board in collaboration with Duta Wacana Christian University held a GRC board Villa design competition with the theme "Villa Kilau Pesona Pertiwi". In this activity, it is hoped that the GRC board will get beautiful and quality villa designs so that these designs can be used as a reference for villa design for tourism places throughout Indonesia.

GRC board also wants to support government programs in increasing tourism space by providing one of the tourist facilities, namely beautiful, comfortable, and quality villas or cottages as tourist accommodation.

The two competition activities above make it possible to adopt the concept of a GRC board modular house, a prefab house where some of the materials have been made/adjusted at the factory so that it only takes time to assemble it in the field.

Thus, the building process will be easier and the speed during the building process is also cheaper because it does not take much processing time. Coupled with the final touch of the selected product, namely, GRC Deco Panel so that it will add to the beauty value of the building design.