A Healthy Home Free From Corona

Posted on 7/10/2020 4:33:25 PM

A Healthy Home Free From Corona
In the midst of a corona pandemic, you need to take preventative measures at any time, and especially at home. Therefore, start doing a thorough cleaning at home so that you and your family are always healthy. Referring to the Ministry of Health Co-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines released in March 2020, the following prevention mitigation can also be done so that the house remains healthy.

  • Clean surfaces that are often touched
    You are advised to clean surfaces in the house that are often touched. For example, tables, beds, and various other furniture. You can clean the area in the house that is often touched by using household disinfectants that contain a dilute bleach solution. That is, the aqueous bleach solution has a composition of more water than the bleach liquid itself. For surfaces that are damaged if sprayed with a disinfecting bleach solution, you can use a disinfectant with a 70 percent ethanol content.
  • Clean the bathroom and toilet
    Another part that you need to clean inside the house is the bathroom. Because, the bathroom is very vulnerable to the spread of the virus. How to clean it is the same, simply spraying a disinfectant that contains a dilute bleach solution or 70 percent ethanol. Also read: 5 Ways to Clean the Toilet To Avoid Corona Virus
  • Clean clothes Next
    You are required to clean all objects that are commonly used, such as clothes, pants, towels, and sheets. The trick, simply wash it by hand or use a washing machine at a temperature of 60-90 degrees Celsius with ordinary detergent or dry.
  • Dispose of trash properly
    To avoid the Corona virus, you are required to take out more trash at home. Make sure, the garbage is disposed of at a standard landfill (TPA) and not in an open area.
  • Wash your hands
    When cleaning at home, you are required to wear gloves so that viruses, germs, or bacteria at home do not easily stick. After doing the cleaning, you are required to wash your hands thoroughly so as not to spread the virus at home.

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